Why I GUSH Over Hydration

I love this vitamin-rich formula that offers all-day hydration. With five amazing flavors to enjoy, Hydration gives you that juiced-up, luminous, thirst-quenching boost your skin and body craves. What I don’t love so much? The outdated stigma around supplements that you need to look a certain way in order to reap their benefits. Ummm…I call bull! Because anyone can benefit from getting in the habit of drinking more water. It’s the simplest form of self-love and it's often the first to be forgotten.

My Fave Things About Pre-Game

I believe self-care is about honoring the body that carries you. That’s why I love finding ways to move my body that brings me joy.

So when I need that little extra boost of energy, I always reach for Pre-Game (obsessed with the Fruit Punch flavor!) to help me move in a way that feels right and fills me with self-love.

Drink Your Greens!

I have so much love for Greens because it’s the easiest way to get your daily dose of veggies, full stop. It's a plant-based, energy-boosting supplement made with the best organic whole foods available. It can be so hard to get your servings of veggies everyday, but Greens make it easy peasy. Made with organic ingredients like kale, broccoli, spinach and spirulina, Greens will help detoxify and energize your body at home or on the go.

Reds' JUICY Benefits

You have to try this. I love mixing one scoop of Reds and Greens together with 20oz of water for the most delicious pick-me-up. It’s like a nutritious party in your mouth (and you’re definitely invited).

My Go-To Smoothie Recipe:

Ok, you need to try this epic smoothie! It’s so easy and quick to make (also I usually don’t mess around with measurements and typically add in about a handful of each ingredient)!

• 1 banana

• Handful of strawberries

• A slice or two of pineapple (or a handful of chunks)

• 1 frozen yogurt tube

• About a cup of water or almond milk

• 1 scoop of Bright Vegan Protein

• Handful of ice

Simply add all ingredients to your favorite blender and blend until you reach that smooth, creamy consistency. You can alway add more milk or water if it’s too thick for your liking.

How Does It Fit In My Routine?

My best beauty hack? A restful sleep. Cira’s Beauty sleep makes catching quality Z’s easy with their premium, patented formula that includes melatonin and ashwagandha.

In the PM: Put my phone down, take two Beauty Sleep capsules with a glass of water 15-30 minutes before bedtime. Cuddle Scott and it's off to la la land!

Questions? I Got You.