5 Ingredients That Balance Hormones In Women

5 Ingredients That Balance Hormones In Women


Have you ever been personally victimized by your own hormones? Unpredictable mood swings at the worst times, tender breasts, bloating just before an important event, digestion issues - the list goes on. Sometimes it seems that our own bodies are out to get us, trying to self-sabotage us in some way. 

There's no way around it, those scenarios can absolutely suck. But there may be a way where we can help decrease these occurrences because they may be signs that you’re suffering from a hormonal imbalance. 

And look, this is a massive topic. But in this blog post, we’re going high level so that you can get a basic understanding of what hormonal imbalances are, how to identify them and what you can do about them.

What Does Hormonal Imbalance Mean?

Hormonal imbalance means one or more of our hormone levels are either too high or too low. When irregularities arise, they can cause subtle but significant effects on your body. Ideally, hormones should be balanced, meaning that each hormone falls within optimal levels. When hormone levels are out of whack, problems begin, ranging from mood swings to hair loss and even weight gain.



Symptoms Of Hormonal Imbalance

Unsure if you have a hormonal imbalance? Of course, we recommend checking with your doctor to be sure, but here are some potential signs and symptoms that you should be aware of.

  • Weight gain or sudden weight loss
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Sleep disturbances 
  • Muscle weakness
  • Chronic stress
  • Increased sensitivity to either hot or cold temperature
  • Mood changes
  • Gut health issues
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Infertility
  • Increased bowel movements
  • Dry skin
  • Hair loss
  • Changes in heart rate
  • Blurred vision 
  • Increased hunger and thirst
  • Night sweats

5 Ingredients That Will Help Balance Hormones


This powerhouse herb has been known for balancing thyroid hormones, lowering cortisol levels, regulating mood disorders, and aid in the prevention of degenerative diseases. 

Ashwagandha is most commonly used for its medicinal properties and grows in the Middle East, India as well as parts of Africa. Known as the “strength of the stallion” in India, some of ashwagandha root’s benefits include strengthening the immune system after illness, enhancing stamina and also works as a natural stress reliever. 

It has also been referred to as Indian ginseng, winter cherry and somnifera root. As for its actual name, the word “ashwagandha” literally means, “smell of horse” which is aptly translated due to its fresh roots smelling quite similar to that of a horse. To add to that, there’s a belief that this root may help you develop the strength and vitality of a horse. Who knew!

Like any product, there are varying levels of quality to choose from but when it comes to ashwagandha, KSM-66 is the best in our humble opinion. Here’s a shortlist of some of the notable benefits of KSM-66 Ashwagandha as stated on their website:

  • Help reduce stress, anxiety, cortisol levels and stress-related food cravings
  • Help promote enhanced memory and cognitive function
  • Help promote endurance, strength, muscle size and muscle recovery rate
  • Help enhance sexual performance health in both men and women, and testosterone in men

Since we use KSM-66 Ashwagandha in our Flare Shape Support, we made sure that you only get the best, high quality source available.



Zinc plays a vital role in our hormonal balance and overall hormonal health. For one, studies have shown that zinc supports thyroid health and the endocrine system. The endocrine system regulates all hormones and biological processes in the body, which the thyroid is part of. By supporting thyroid health, zinc also supports our thyroid hormones, mainly total T(3) and RMR, two prominent thyroid hormones. 

For women, especially if they suffer from PCOS, studies show consuming zinc can help lower testosterone levels and increase sexual function.



Inositol is also known as vitamin B8. But it may surprise you to know that technically, it is not a vitamin at all. Rather, it’s a type of sugar. Inositol is mainly known for how it impacts our body’s response to insulin and influences hormones that play our cognition and mood. 

Studies show that inositol can stimulate the production of the hormones dopamine and serotonin. An increase in production can help with issues such as depression and anxiety and improve overall mood and mental well-being.

As always, make sure you're purchasing from a high-quality brand when you choose supplements.



Like zinc, studies detail that selenium also plays a crucial role in sustaining thyroid health. Aside from promoting thyroid health and providing anti-inflammatory properties, selenium also positively affects cognitive function, immune system, and fertility.

Since we cannot produce selenium ourselves, we have to rely on foods containing selenium, supplements, or a combination to get an adequate amount.



Folate, also known as vitamin B9, is part of the B vitamin group. This vitamin can help prevent and treat PMS symptoms like depression, primarily if it works with other nutrients and compounds such as vitamin B6, magnesium, and essential fatty acids.

Folate is mainly known for its benefits on child development, consuming folate can reduce the risk of congenital disabilities during pregnancy.


Hormone Balancing Product Spotlight: Symmetry

We had to feature one of Cira’s best selling products here because it's our favorite hormone balancing supplement. And for good reason. Symmetry is the one stop shop for balancing hormones, assisting with weight management, and keeping stress at bay. 

You’ll plainly see that Symmetry’s hero ingredients directly echo our five ingredients we’ve featured in this post, making it your new go-to hormone balancing product. 

Have a look at Symmerty’s ingredients below.



Fat loss but make it stimulant-free. This patented fat-torching extract helps control blood sugar levels while fighting off that sneaky 3pm hunger pang.



A trace mineral that does it all. Chromax balances your blood sugar and promotes insulin sensitivity all while keeping your metabolism in check.  


Folate (Vitamin B9)

Commonly known as folic acid, this VIP B vitamin is crucial for creating red blood cells, neurotransmitters and even DNA molecules (ahem, no big deal!).  



Your thyroid’s main hype mineral. Selenium helps activate and balance hormones that are important for metabolism regulation, body temperature, and more.


Zinc L-Methionine

This superior form of zinc is easily absorbed within your body and helps with fertility, immune function, sex hormone production and overall mood.


Alpha-Lipoic Acid (ALA)

This essential antioxidant supports carbohydrate metabolism and energy production so that you can easily hit your PB’s, girl.


Diindolylmethane (DIM)

This phytonutrient packs a healthy punch. DIM is used to treat acne, aid weight loss and reduce PMS symptoms.

How To Balance Your Hormones Naturally

While supplementation can help balance your hormones, you can also take action in other ways as well. Of course, it is best to discuss this with your doctor as every single body has different needs and tolerances. 

Here are some ideas of how you can balance your hormones naturally. 

  • Engage in regular exercise. Studies show that physical activity may improve your body’s use of the hormone insulin

  • Get your eight hours of sleep. Not getting enough sleep can lead to disruptions in melatonin, cortisol and may also influence insulin resistance.

  • Eat a healthy diet. It’s no secret that a balanced diet full of healthy fats, unprocessed carbs and lean protein can lead to a plethora of benefits. As it turns out, it may also help balance the hormones that regulate your appetite, metabolism and mood.

  • Manage stress. We know that that may be easier said than done, right? But too much stress can change levels of hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. Think about the activities that bring you a sense of calm and try to include those in your routine as often as possible. 

There you have it! Our top five ingredients that will help balance your hormones. We hope you’ve learned a lot and will start to implement supplementation into your daily routine