Merie Smith

Merie stepped foot into a gym for the first time at 13 years old and it quickly became her favourite place on earth. She was simply amazed by the incredible things our bodies are capable of. She knew then and there what she wanted to do with her life: inspire, educate, and keep people moving for life.

Years later, that is exactly what Merie has set out to do. She is currently a first-year Doctor of Chiropractic student in Toronto, Canada. She obtained her Bachelor of Kinesiology degree last year, along with a certification in exercise physiology. She loves learning as much as she loves training. And because of that, decided to start coaching so that she could share her knowledge of exercise science with others. Having coached over 150 girls since coaching has become one of her greatest passions and something she is incredibly grateful for every day.

Being a full-time student, coach, and athlete can be a lot to balance. It can often feel overwhelming, isolating, and left with little time to prioritize health. Cira changed that for her. Being welcomed into a community of supportive and driven women was the icing on top of the quality supplements. If there's anything Merie has learned in all her years within the fitness space, it’s that there isn’t a lot of room for women… but Cira is changing that, one day at a time.