Alicia Mccarvell

Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Alicia uses humor to tackle conversations around body image, worth, and self-love. Sharing everything from workout routines and dance videos to updates on her relationship with her husband, Alicia hopes to relate, inspire laughter, and break down barriers to her audience.

Once we got to know Alicia (outside of the obvious fan-girling over her TikTok’s) teaming up was a no brainer. As many of us can relate, Alicia’s journey with movement, weight-loss and diet culture has been rocky and obsessive - seeing supplements as a way of changing her body because she didn’t feel like she was enough. 

Over the past 7 years Alicia has worked to create a healthier mindset around body image, movement - and can now proudly add supplements to that list.

Cira is here to encourage all you glow-getters to move freely and feel great in the beautiful skin you’re in. Our supplements are made to help you feel better on the inside, get some extra nutrients and have more energy for doing the things you love. 

We wanted to partner with someone who embodies that positive attitude, lifts up their followers and sends the well needed message of self love. Which is why we are SO excited and thankful to continue on this journey with Alicia, one sip of Hydration at a time.