Naomi Kong

Growing up Naomi wasn't a very active kid. She loved reading books and playing the violin, never touching any kind of sport until her later teen years. When Naomi turned 20 she began weightlifting and fell in love. For her the gym taught her humility and self-discipline; the gym showed Naomi that she had an incomprehensible amount of potential. When she realized how significantly the gym had positively impacted all aspects of her life, she knew that she had to create a career in fitness.

With limited experience and background in fitness, Naomi felt as though there wasn't any relatable and truly beginner-friendly content when starting her fitness journey. Therefore, she made it a goal to create content that would help others succeed in their fitness journey by simplifying fitness and giving people the tools they need to take their health to the next level. Naomi believes that building a healthy lifestyle is so much more than exercising and nutrition, but also finding harmony between all areas of life, practicing self-love, and continuously learning. For this reason, she also enjoys making content that encourages and challenges people to never doubt their capabilities, reach their fitness goals, and live life without limits.

As a daughter of refugee immigrants, health and fitness were rarely prioritized in Naomi's Hmong community. She hopes to educate and inspire others who grew up in cultures similar to hers that taking care of your mental, emotional, and physical health is a beautiful and important thing.

Naomi has her B.S. in Marketing and Business Administration and is also a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. She currently lives in Minnesota with her husband, the two taking on the world one adventure at a time.