Hannah Neese Goff

My name is Hannah Neese Goff and I have a huge passion for helping others see their unique value. We all struggle with our own insecurities, whether mentally or physically, but I truly believe shame grows stronger in the dark. After recovering from an eating disorder and continually battling those thoughts, I decided to pivot my Instagram to a more authentic space that allows for both deep conversation starters and light-hearted, humor-filled reminders to not take life so seriously.

The struggles with mental and physical health can often be dark topics, and that's why I strive to bring more of a light-hearted approach to those topics. Just because they're hard topics, doesn't mean they have to consistently be dark and hushed. Through humor and positivity, I hope to inspire others to take a step back from focusing on how the world sees them and begin focusing on how they see themselves. 

Finding a healthy relationship with health and fitness has become one of the biggest game changers in my overall well-being. It has lead to increased confidence, motivation, and less stress. I no longer see fitness as a punishment, but a celebration of all that my body can do, and I hope to inspire this change in others as well.