The Best Vitamins and Supplements for Energy and Focus

The Best Vitamins and Supplements for Energy and Focus

We’ve all felt it. That undeniable sluggish feeling we get from time to time, no matter how much rest and relaxation we may get. So we reach for a tasty, sweet snack or coffee cup number three for a little pick-me-up.

But in truth, your diet may be missing certain vitamins and nutrients that no amount of sugar or caffeine can fix. If you’re not eating a wide variety of foods, are following a super restrictive diet or are consuming too few calories, your energy levels could be greatly impacted.

Of course we know that healthy whole foods are our best option to get our daily nutrients. However, sometimes we need supplements to reach those daily health goals.  So today we’re talking about our top eight vitamins and supplements that will help improve and increase your energy and focus. Let’s get into it.


Ashwagandha is popping up on the ingredient lists of many high-quality health supplements today and for good reason. But what is it? Well, it’s an adaptogenic root extract found mostly in parts of India, Asia and Africa.

As an adaptogen, Ashwagandha is known to help manage stress, anxiety and in turn, boost energy levels. Studies also show that ashwagandha may help improve endurance during exercise. In this study, researchers found that this root extract improved endurance rates in cyclists when they took 500 mg capsules of Ashwaganha daily. Impressive!

If you’re looking to introduce a new zen master into your life, consider adding this adaptogen to your daily routine. Check out our popular Flare supplement here that packs KSM-66 Ashwagandha into its premium formula.

Vitamin D3

We know vitamin D as the thing we get when we spend some quality time in the sun, right? But what about those cold and dark winter days? How do we still get this vital energy-inducing vitamin then?

That’s where a high quality supplement comes in. Vitamin D is amazing for your skin and bone strength but it can also help boost concentration levels. In fact, vitamin D3 is key for healthy nerve and brain function as well as overall function and maintenance.

Low levels of vitamin D have been linked to imparied cognitive function. According to this study, as it’s known to activate and deactivate enzymes in the brain and cerebrospinal fluid involved in the neurotransmitter synthesis and nerve growth. Phew, that was a mouthful, right?

Good news, you can help boost your concentration and focus all while maintaining that glowy skin complexion with Cira’s Glow-Getter Collagen which contains Vitashine vitamin D3. Thank us later.

Vitamin B12

The Vitamin B family can help create energy in cells which equates to a boost of energy for your body. As such, a B-12 deficiency can cause anemia or in other words, cause fatigue. This is especially true if you’re a vegetarian or vegan as it is only found in animal products or fortified foods.

But wait, there’s more. You’re actually getting the best of both worlds when increasing your vitamin B12 intake, girl. By maintaining the nerve cells in the brain, this special B vitamin can help brain function by improving things like memory and concentration.

If that sparks interest, we totally suggest checking out our No Filter supplement which contains 125 mcg of the brain-boosting vitamin B12.


You’re most likely familiar with L-glutamine and associate it with the go-to supplement that bodybuilders use to preserve muscle tissue and help lose fat. While that’s true, it’s actually so much more than that.

It also promotes digestive and brain health, boosts athletic performance and is even helpful in treating issues like leaky gut syndrome.

What is glutamine? It’s one of the twenty naturally occurring amino acids found in protein foods and is the most abundant amino acid found in the bloodstream.

L-glutamine can be found in both animal and plant proteins including whey protein and is available in supplement form and widely popular in the fitness community. Look no further than our super tasty Bright Whey protein powder to get your fix of L-glutamine.

Vitamin B6

This powerhouse vitamin is required to produce mood-regulating and stress-relieving chemicals in the brain such as serotonin and dopamine. As such, vitamin B6 gives you more mental clarity and stronger nervous and immune systems. 

It also plays an important role in the production of healthy red blood cells that transport oxygen throughout the body, keeping your energy level elevated. 

Vitamin B6 can be found in supplement form as an added ingredient or capsules or whole foods like fish, bananas and even potatoes. We knew there were hidden benefits to fries, right?

Folic Acid (Vitamin B9)

A popular supplement for pregnant women, folic acid can not only help in the proper development of an unborn fetus, but also help boost energy levels. Pretty much a god-send to all those amazing mamas to be.

In fact, studies have shown that adults who are deficient in vitamin B9 have a greater chance in developing anemia, which leads to fatigue and overall tiredness.

You can catch folic acid in whole foods like spinach, avocado and beans as well as in supplement form (like our very own Symmetry!), of course.

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)

You may know this powerhouse vitamin for it’s amazing ability to improve skin texture, pigment and overall complexion. But in truth, vitamin C is one of the best vitamins for energy levels. 

As an essential nutrient, it can aid in repairing damaged tissue and helping your immune system function properly. 

So how do you get your daily intake? Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to get vitamin C through meat products but it can be accessed through 1-2 full servings of raw fruits and vegetables a day.

Does that sound like a lot? We think so, too. Sometimes it’s just not possible to consume the amount of healthy and nutritious whole foods as we’d like. That’s why supplements are here to swoop in to save the day when we need it most.  And now, we’re here to save yours with our juicy Glow Getter Hydration containing 25mg of vitamin C just for you.

Vitamin A (Beta Carotene)

Personally, we think vitamin A stands for vitamin “A-mazing” because of its impressive laundry list of health benefits. It plays a very important role in energy production, skin aging reversal (yes, you read that right!) and maintenance.

It also plays a role within cells, allowing them to generate energy required to keep your body moving and banishing fatigue. In fact, cells need an adequate supply of vitamin A to produce something called ATP (adenosine triphosphate if we’re getting fancy) which has a direct effect on energy levels. Without vitamin A, ATP levels (and in turn, your energy levels) can take a serious plunge.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, our top eight best vitamins and supplements for energy and focus. If we had to pick a single recommendation, we’d go with our Glow Getter Collagen Peptides as this super high-quality supplement is packed with vitamins that will not only help you with energy and mental-focus but also give you that glowy, dewy skin too.