Cira’s Team Member, Makayla Anisa Exactly How She Smashes Her Workout Routine Every Day

Cira’s Team Member, Makayla Anisa Exactly How She Smashes Her Workout Routine Every Day

We’re spilling the tea with our team member and Canadian fitness queen, Makayla as we ask her all the juicy questions about how she balances her life as a digital creator and influencer. Call it fate, but she talks about how much she loves sunsets and with Cira meaning “sun” we can't help but think this partnership was totally meant to be.

As a proud member of Cira’s Soleil Squad, Makayla was so kind to let us into her world as we asked her questions about how she does it all. Most of all, we love and appreciate how real and honest her answers are. She’s a true team player and we couldn’t be happier to have her on the Squad!

First we have to comment on a major milestone. You have 2.5 MILLION followers on Tik Tok! Congratulations! How does that feel?

Thank you so much! It feels absolutely insane to me. I pinch myself every day because I get to do what I love and help so many people with their health and fitness journeys.

We also see that you have quite the audience on both YouTube with over 70k subscribers and Instagram with over 500k. Wow. What did that journey look like for you? Did it change the way you view the power of social media?

Ohmigoodness did it ever!! I started social media when I had just finished my board exams to be a Registered Massage Therapist. I decided to make my account public and I basically just posted about my love and  passion for fitness. I only had a few hundred followers (mostly friends and family at that point) and it just took off from there as I shared my favourite thing in the world with people.

I never realized for a while what all of this all even meant. To this day, it still baffles me that this is my life and I get to do what I love most in this world every single day. I NEVER knew when I made that first post that my life would have taken the course it has over the last couple years. Beyond grateful for everything that the doors of social media opened for me.

Let’s get into the “day in the Life of Makayla.” Can you walk us through your morning routine? What do you love to do to get the day started?

I am a creature of habit for sure, so I pretty much do the exact same thing every morning. I wake up around 7am, cuddle with my puppy and my boyfriend makes sure I actually get up out of bed at 7am haha.

I have been recently taking the first and last hour of every day to stay off social media because I find it really affects my mental state if I scroll. This was a new addition to the routine and it’s difficult, but I love how it makes me feel.

Then I get ready for the day. The typical wash face, brush teeth, do hair & makeup. Then comes the best part of the routine: the daily gym fit!! I pick out my gym outfit for the day before I get all my pre workout (Pre Game & Pump stack of course) with ice cold water. Then comes breakfast to get that pre workout fuel in before we go to the gym at 8am. That’s honestly every day for me in the morning!

What about the rest of your day? What does your typical day look like as a content creator and fitness queen?

The rest of the day is usually filled with filming and editing until around 5 PM. I typically come home from the gym around 11am at the latest. Then I do all the important things like eat and shower before I get into whatever filming, editing and content I need to do. 

After that my boyfriend and I usually take our dog out for a walk or to run around a park. This is honestly one of my favourite parts of the day because I get to be outside, enjoy the moment and be present. I tend to get very stressed out as I struggle with anxiety and mental health issues. So going outside is one of the things that I really make a priority in my day.

 I very much like to take time for myself every day to decompress and not be stimulated so much all the time. I am such a sucker for sunsets as well, so as soon as it’s a nice day you can catch me at the beach every single night to watch the sunset. I live for sunsets. It reminds me that every day is a new day no matter what happens.

We love that you’re such a fan of Cira! What is your current go-to product?

HUGE FAN HERE! My absolute favourite go-to is Cira’s Glow-Getter Reds because they honestly are so dang tasty and packed with all the good stuff! I’ll be sipping on those forever! 

Do you have any tasty protein smoothie recipes for our audience to try out?

I have so many! My current go-to is: 1  frozen banana, 1 scoop of Bright Whey Vanilla protein, ice, 1 tablespoon of peanut butter, hemp hearts and chia seed and then blend with water! So yummy and tastes like a peanut butter ice cream smoothie.

How do you like to incorporate nutritional supplements into your daily routine?

I personally use supplements to aid with my diet, so I add them in addition to all my regular meals and snacks.

Your Instagram bio says “let’s smash this sesh.” We love that. Is there a specific workout that you’re loving lately?

I’m so glad you like it! I started saying it when I first started at the gym and it just stuck. Currently, I’ve been loving training my back. There is just something about it that just hits so well lately for me at the gym.

We love how dedicated you are to your fitness goals! Do you have any tips for anyone getting started on their fitness journey or who are trying to stay motivated when it gets tough?

My biggest tip for those that are just starting their fitness journey would be to make sure that you have a schedule that works for you long-term because consistency is key if you want to see results and progress. Always think about things for the long term. It’s a lifestyle change. 

This means making a plan for several months and sticking to it - no matter what. So many people start at the gym and then stop because they didn’t have a plan in the first place. So just remind yourself every day why you started. I suggest writing it down on a piece of paper or on a note in your phone. Just make sure to have it somewhere where you can constantly remind yourself when it starts to get tough.

A lot of people associate “self love” with face masks and candles, which is great, but we know it goes deeper than that. What does self love mean to you?

To me, self love means more than just taking care of yourself physically. It’s about taking care of yourself mentally, too. Being self-aware is so important on the journey to self-love in my opinion. Making sure you’re taking the time to work on yourself for yourself so you can grow and become the best version of yourself.

Self love and acceptance is so important in an increasingly filtered world. What are your thoughts on this?

Self-love and acceptance is so important especially because of how social media portrays things. That’s why I try as best as I can to be as real and raw as possible on all my social media platforms. I told myself when I started this that I would always be true to that and I truly feel that I always will be because it is in my character to be transparent and always has been. 

It’s so hard these days not to compare yourself to other people, especially online. But just remember that social media is a highlight reel no matter how real and transparent we may be. Things are still all just a snapshot into people's lives and you have no idea what really might be going on behind closed doors. 

It’s always good to be aware and remind ourselves that we are all human. We all have flaws and make mistakes and are not perfect all the time.  We all are beautiful in our own way and that’s what makes us uniquely human.

What’s your favourite self-love or body positivity quote?

“Nobody trains to make excuses” this was actually my first tattoo!

Why does that resonate with you so much?

It resonates with me so much because it really embodies how I take on life. Not just at the gym, but with everything I do. For me, it represents just how hard you can work for something and stay clear in your mindset if you don’t distract yourself with negative things. Winners don’t complain, they just get the job done.

We love that you talk so freely about the importance of mental health and dealing with anxiety. Do you have any tips on how you deal with anxiety online and offline?

This is such a tough question because I could honestly go on and on about all the tips that I have to share. But my biggest tips would be to try to organize your life as much as possible. Whether that be with a physical planner, a Google calendar or some sort of organizational tool that works for you to organize and plan out your day. 

This way, you will be less likely to get overwhelmed and stressed. Focus on the things you can control and let go of the things that aren’t in your control.

We’re so honoured to have you as a member of our Cira Family! What has your experience as a Soleil Squad member been like for you?

Thank you so much. I'm absolutely so glad to be a part of this amazing team. I have had the best experience so far. The team is great and everyone that I have talked to has been so kind and so amazing. I just love the feel of community that CIRA has! Of course I’m obsessed with all the supplements as well!

Okay, how amazing is Makayla?! We cannot thank her enough for taking the time to take us behind the scenes. Super inspiring, girl. Want some more? You can follow her on Instagram here!

By the way, do you love Cira and want to join the Soleil Squad fam? Click here for all the details and we’ll see you on the brighter side.